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Training programmes

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Dental core training

Dental Core Training offers the opportunity to broaden knowledge and experience within the dental profession and is a recognised career pathway after the completion of Dental Foundation Training (DFT).

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Dental foundation training

Dental Foundation Training is the first phase of continuing postgraduate education after graduation and is recognised as a part of career pathways in all sections of the dental profession. Progressive changes are in place to integrate these programmes into formal dental foundation programmes.

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Specialty training in dentistry

Over the past few years Dental Specialty Training has expanded considerably and HEIW's Dental Postgraduate section is proud to support a variety of HEIW approved training programmes across 6 Dental specialties with a total of 21 current specialty trainees.

Dental training
Welsh dental therapy foundation training programme (WDTFT)

Qualified dental therapists - to join our programme starting in October 2022, contact Kath Liddington for an application form and further information on how this programme will run during the current Covid-19 crisis.  Closing date for applications 31st May 2022.