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Primary care

Primary care is used to describe the first point of contact for people in need of healthcare. This includes services by local GP practices, dentists, pharmacists, opticians, and wider community teams, such as health visitors, district nurses and physiotherapists.

Effective primary care relies on multidisciplinary teams. This means well-trained, agile professionals work together as a team to make use of everyone’s skills and provide better patient care.

Below are development opportunities for you within primary and community care.


Our mutli-professional education and training unit

We have a unit in HEIW which is responsible for supporting multi-professional team development in primary and community care.

The aim of this unit is to work with others to plan and deliver national programmes to create multidisciplinary teams within primary care for a healthier Wales.

The unit helps to:

  • develop national training programs
  • develop Academies in each health board to provide local training
  • commission education, including work-based learning
  • increase clinical placement opportunities
  • support workforce development.

You can contact the unit by emailing


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