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Dental core training

Dental Core Training offers the opportunity to broaden knowledge and experience within the dental profession and is a recognised career pathway after the completion of Dental Foundation Training (DFT).

Wales has three Dental Core Training Year 1 (DCT1) Schemes that commence in September of each year. They are based in Cardiff, Merthyr Tydfil, and North Wales. There is a 28-day educational element (study days) covering both hospital and community practice. There are 2 days (1 day per 6-month period) allocated for self-directed study.

The main aims of the DCT1 schemes are to allow participants to broaden their understanding of the inter-relationship between branches of the profession, enabling a more informed career choice and to further develop their dental expertise and skills, building on previous training received as undergraduates and dental foundation practitioners.

We also offer Dental Core Training posts for Years 2 and 3 (DCT2/3) undertaken following completion of DCT1.

For more information on DCT in Wales please contact Ceri Negrotti, Business Manager (Dental).

Dental core training year 1

There are three DCT1 schemes in Wales.

Dental core training years 2 and 3

In Wales we offer a number of DCT2 and DCT3 posts across Wales

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DCT national recruitment 2024

Recruitment to Dental Core Training (DCT) posts in the UK is via a national selection process, currently led by Health Education England (HEE).

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DCT documentation

DCT documentation

Review of Competence Progression (RCP)