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Key documents

Annual plans/reports HEIW annual report 2021-22
  HEIW annual plan 2021-22
  HEIW annual report 2020-21
  HEIW annual report 2019-20
  HEIW annual report 2018-19
  HEIW Digital and Data strategy 2023-28
Communications HEIW communications engagement strategy April 2019
Declaration of interest Declaration of interest
Education and training

Education and Training Plan 2022-23

Education and Training Plan 2023-24

Equalities Gender pay gap report 2020-21
  HEIW equality annual report 20-21
  HEIW gender pay gap report 2019-20 and summary playlist
  HEIW strategic equality plan 2020-24
  HEIW gender pay gap report 18-19
  HEIW annual equality report 2019-20
Frameworks NHS Wales competency framework for nurses working in general practice 

HEIW Integrated Medium Term Plan (IMTP) 2022-25

HEIW Integrated Medium Term Plan (IMTP) 2020-23

Mental health

Strategic mental health workforce plan for health and social care 2020

A review of part one assessments under the mental health measure (Wales) 2010

  Summary document
Performance Integrated performance framework
Pharmacy Pharmacist education and training is changing from 2021
  An Evaluation of Models of Support for Community Pharmacy Registrants’ Development
  HEIW Community Pharmacy Ask the Workforce Survey Report
Medical Improving Medical Training in Wales (2021-22)
Policies Communications and engagement
  Health and safety
  Human resources
  Information governance
  Trainee documents
Sustainability Biodiversity and decarbonisation strategy 2021-24
  Environment report 2022
Workforce NHS Wales workforce trends (as at 31 March 2021)
  NHS Wales workforce trends (as at 31 March 2019)
  Workforce strategy for health and social care
  WFS supporting winter planning 29 Sept, HEIW and SCW
  WFS themes joint update on implementation progress October 2021
  Joint HSSC evidence paper - HEIW and SCW October 2021