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Dental strategic workforce plan

We have developed the dental strategic workforce plan in partnership with the strategic programme for primary care, dental professionals and key stakeholders. It is informed by the actions within oral health and dental service response to ‘A Healthier Wales’. It is a companion to the strategic workforce plan for primary care and many of the actions are drawn from both plans.

The plan will inform sustainable solutions for the future dental workforce in Wales. It is focussed on General Dental Services however the actions and recommendations will contribute to and improve how we develop, value and support the dental workforce across the whole system.

Delivery of the Plan

To ensure the plan is delivered effectively, all stakeholders will need to work collaboratively. This will help develop a sustainable dental workforce which meets the needs of the population and provide equitable access and high-quality care. 

The actions will be prioritised with immediate actions to be taken forward in 2024/25. The remaining actions will be delivered in a phased approach following this.


For further information on the plan please contact: