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Digital and data

The vision of our digital directorate is:


Our digital and data strategy sets out the vision, strategy and mission of our digital directorate internally for Health Education and Improvement Wales (HEIW), as well as externally for the wider NHS workforce.


What our digital team does do

Within HEIW we provide digital and data solutions to staff and users of HEIW services across Wales. This delivers:

  • excellent education and training solutions
  • innovative and digitally enabled learning
  • digitised and improved ways for us to run HEIW’s functions
  • increased data quality, availability, and usage to drive insights for continuous improvement.

We also prepare the wider NHS workforce with digital skills to work in a digitally transformed environment. This includes:

  • ensuring digital transformation is a core element of all strategic workforce plans
  • producing and analysing workforce data for use across NHS Wales
  • working closely with commercial providers, academic institutions and other public sector or NHS organisations to build a strong eco-system of skills and capability.


What our digital team doesn’t do

We are not responsible for digital health and care systems for front line services. This sits with health boards, trusts and Digital Health and Care Wales (DHCW).

We work with those service partners to champion and build approaches which show the transformative ability digital has to improve the NHS workforce, education and training, and the way the NHS works.


The core functions that make up the digital service in HEIW are:


More about our current areas of work can be found in our roadmap on page 30 of our digital and data strategy.

If you’d like to find out more about our digital work or discuss some collaboration work, please contact