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Strategic Workforce Plan for Primary Care

Working in partnership with the Strategic Programme for Primary Care we are developing a Strategic Workforce Plan for Primary Care.

Early engagement with key stakeholders has taken place and there is a clear consensus that a Strategic Workforce Plan for Primary Care is needed. 

There are numerous key workforce factors impacting on the sustainability of primary care services.  This plan will consider the shape and size of the workforce needed to meet population health and to address supply-side issues for the future.

Our aim for this plan is to:

  • understand current demand drivers and identify key factors shaping demand for the next 10 years
  • understand technological advances and fast approaching changes in healthcare delivery and the impact that these may have on the delivery of primary care
  • identify challenges and key supply-side issues across professional groups and areas of Wales to create a framework for future supply pipelines  
  • present recommendations to support the development of a sustainable workforce model to take forward the delivery of the Primary Care Model for Wales
  • recognise the delivery of the broad range of services aligned with primary care, including community services and how any changes to primary care workforce models will impact these
  • provide a clear framework for local, regional, and national action to underpin future decisions on education and training commissioning over a 10 year period up to 2035.

Our aim is to develop the plan by November 2023 so that it influences the development of Cluster-level and Health Board Integrated Medium Term Plans (IMTPs) for 2024/25.