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A Strategic Framework for NHS Wales Careers

The Strategic Framework for NHS Wales Careers sets the direction to create a sustainable workforce for the future

As the largest employer in Wales and with over 350 roles available, NHS Wales has a lot to offer. However, people are often unaware of the breadth of opportunities available or how to access them.

The strategic framework outlines the principles of how we will:

  • lead the health careers attraction agenda
  • identify priorities
  • set the direction and standards for health careers attraction

We will continue work in partnership with our stakeholders, from different sectors across Wales, to deliver our vision and collective ambition.

Our vision
develop a workforce that improves care and population health

Our aim
to inspire, inform and influence individuals of all ages to seek careers in NHS Wales

Our approach

Four themes provide the overarching architecture of the strategic framework and will guide our approach to careers attraction and marketing:

Contributing to NHS Wales’ ambitious future

A Strategic Framework for NHS Wales Careers  was developed in to response the 10 year workforce strategy for health and social care’s ambition to establish a strong and recognisable brand and become the sector of choice for our future workforce by 2030.

View the full Strategic Framework for NHS Wales Careers.


Health Education and Improvement Wales (2024), Strategic Framework for NHS Wales Careers