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NHS Wales has a carbon footprint of around 1.00MtC02e, second only to local authorities in Wales. This is the equivalent to the energy use of almost 126,000 homes for a whole year.

Our sustainability action plan is being developed. It highlights actions we can take at HEIW to reduce this, so we can contribute to the Welsh Government target of a net zero public sector by 2030.

This plan looks to:

  • improve sustainable practices
  • reduce our carbon footprint
  • encourage climate smart education and training
  • maintain and enhance biodiversity.

By adopting sustainable practices, we can reduce our impact on the environment, preserve natural resources and promote social and economic equity.

We have a unique position as HEIW, to provide education and training to healthcare professionals in a way that encourages them to question practices to find the most sustainable means of delivering healthcare now, and in the future.

At the end of 2022/23, we commissioned an external supplier to undertake a detailed carbon footprint exercise for HEIW and to make recommendations to help us improve our carbon footprint going forward.  

The report showed that our carbon hotspots are in procurement, staff commuting and events. 

We have refreshed our Sustainability Action Plan for this year to focus on these hotspot and we expect to continue this focus in our plan for 2024/25. 

If you have any feedback or would like to get involved, please join the HEIW Green Group or contact HEIW.Planning&

For further information, see the Help the NHS go green pages on our website. 


Documents that inspired this plan:



What is sustainable healthcare? With Dr Katherine Speedy

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We're part of the network of Green Groups throughout health boards in NHS Wales.