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Digital capability framework

Healthcare has seen a dramatic increase in the use of digital services over the last decade. There have been incredible advances in the fields of Artificial Intelligence (AI), robotics, 3D printing, nanotechnology, precision medicine, wearable health monitoring devices and more.

Digital technologies are transforming healthcare in a sustainable way. It’s important we empower you as healthcare workers to embrace these exciting changes and develop your digital skills.

This is why we’ve created the digital capability framework. It’s a practical, interactive tool for you to better understand the skills, behaviours and attitudes you need to thrive in a digital world. It includes a self-assessment tool, the results of which are for you alone, and development resources specific to you.

How to access

The framework and self-evaluation tool can be access via Y Ty Dysgu, our national digital learning platform. Please sign up for an account if you have not done so already. It may take up to 24 hours for your account to go live and to assess the resources. You will be automatically enrolled onto the digital capability framework course.



The digital capability framework for healthcare in Wales outlines the skills, competencies, and behaviours required to participate fully, and safely, in digitised environments. It provides an opportunity to reflect on your individual digital capability and identify pathways for you to develop your knowledge and skills.


The framework identifies six domains of digital capability:


  • learning and Leadership: including learning, supporting others, and leadership
  • working with others: including communication, collaboration, and participation
  • safety and wellbeing: including wellbeing, professionalism, safety and security
  • using technology: including foundation skills, digital tools, and productivity
  • data literacy: including discovering data, using data, and data to knowledge
  • research and innovation: including research, innovation, and impact.

By enabling the healthcare workforce to participate digitally, the framework allows us to realise the benefits of digital transformation programmes like e-prescribing, as well as contributing to improved quality and better outcomes for all. The self-evaluation tool will support individuals and teams to better understand digital capability and undertake targeted development.


Practical Applications

The Digital Capability Framework and self-evaluation tool takes approximately 1 hour to complete, can be utilised as Continuing Professional Development (CPD) and can be repeated multiple times.

Incorporating it into the yearly appraisal cycle can evidence digital skills development and can offer staff the opportunity to reflect on their development over the previous year, whilst directing them to new learning activities and actions.  

Professional Re-Registration and Revalidation often requires evidence of reflection. Completing the self-evaluation and reflecting on the results can form part of this. Many Professional bodies require evidence of feedback, the report provided following completion of the self-evaluation can be downloaded and used as feedback.

The Digital Capability Framework can be mapped to many different professional Code of Conduct. If you would like more information on this please contact






Contact Details

For further information on the Digital Capability Framework please contact Ellen Edwards, Digital Transformation Research and Engagement Lead on