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Strategic perinatal workforce plan

We are leading on the development of the strategic perinatal workforce plan to recruit, retain, train and transform the current and future perinatal workforce in NHS Wales.

You spoke, we listened, and this is what we heard!

Following the Maternity and Neonatal Conversation Wales HEIW have analysed the conversation and concluded the following message:

The conversation in 10
Themes Descriptions
Staffing Levels The perinatal workforce stresses the urgent need for increased staffing levels. This encompasses concerns about workload management, stress. Burnout, and the impact of care provided to service users.
Digital Transformation: The perinatal workforce recognises the significance of embracing digital and technological advances for improved efficiency. There is a call for the adoption of electronic systems, AI, data analytics and systems that support person-centred care.
Training and Support: The perinatal workforce believes training and support to be of critical importance, with a focus on continuous professional development. This extends to leadership and management training, the importance of non-clinical learning opportunities, and a culture that prioritises ongoing education to adapt to evolving healthcare needs.
Workforce Wellbeing: The perinatal workforce wants to see strategies that address hight-pressure work environments, improve working conditions, and foster positive workplace cultures.

Collaboration and


The perinatal workforce wants to see more collaboration on an All-Wales basis, with networking and regional working embedded across services and across sectors.

Retention and

Attraction Strategies:

The perinatal workforce emphasises better retention and attraction with a focus on improved working condition, better pay and benefits, clear career pathways, and a balance between work and personal life.



The perinatal workforce wants to see compassionate leadership principles displayed across the NHS, with transparency, support, fairness, leading by example, diversity, and fostering collaboration seen as crucial components.
Person-Centred Care: The perinatal workforce expressed a commitment to person-centred care, emphasising the need for specialised roles, acknowledgement of the impact of services on patient outcomes, and a plea for a holistic approach to healthcare and transformation.
Standardisation and Innovation: The perinatal workforce envisions a balance between standardised approaches and innovative solutions to address the challenges in perinatal healthcare.
Career Development and Diversity: The perinatal workforce calls out the importance of career development, inclusion and diversity, with equitable investment in training programmes, opportunities for diverse roles, and acknowledgment of the value of a diverse workforce.


The full Maternity and Neonatal Conversation Wales: Findings and Analysis Report can be found here.

We are continuing to conduct detailed analysis following the three-pillar approach of the literature, research and good practice, data and analytics, and the recent workforce engagement in order to produce a set of draft actions. Once produced HEIW will consult the workforce via a set of webinars and a feedback MS Form to ensure that the needs of the Perinatal Services are best met.

Consultation on the draft actions within the Strategic Perinatal Workforce Plan will start soon. More details to follow, watch this space!


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