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Train Work Live (TWL) is a national and international attraction campaign to market Wales as a desirable place for healthcare professionals to train, work and live.

The TWL team deliver a number of attraction campaigns each year, featuring healthcare professionals who share their stories about choosing to train and/or work in Wales. 

These campaigns focus on our trademark ‘split-creative’ photos featuring healthcare professionals in their workplace, combined with them enjoying hobbies and interests, such as surfing, cycling, hiking and cooking. Examples of these split-creative campaigns can be found on the #TrainWorkLive website.

Originally launched to focus its campaigns on attracting GPs to Wales back in October 2016, TWL has since grown and developed to include a nursing and midwifery campaign, a psychiatry focus campaign, a dentistry campaign and a pharmacy campaign.

Other attraction campaigns to support the recruitment of healthcare professionals into NHS Wales are currently in development, including for mental health services.

If you would like to find out more information or become involved with TrainWorkLive, please visit our website or drop us an email at