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Educational supervisor approval process

Dentist with a patient

The role of the Dental Educational Supervisor is to supervise and support a Foundation Dentist (FD) in primary dental care, so that the Foundation Dentist is able to work unsupervised in the general, personal and salaried dental services at the end of Dental Foundation Training (DFT).

Dental practitioners working in NHS dental practices within Wales, with at least 4 years GDS/CDS experience in the UK, can apply to become a Dental Educational Supervisor in January for schemes normally commencing the following September. Please see the job description, person (Word, 64Kb) and host practice (Word, 87Kb) specification for further information on the role of a Educational Supervisor in general dental practice.

If you would like to discuss the Educational Supervisor role, please contact Gabrielle Lloyd, Dental Foundation Training Manager. You may also find the Educational Supervisor handbook (PDF, 659Kb) helpful in answering some of your queries.

Approval Process

HEIW Dental Foundation Training Educational Supervisor Approval Process (DESAP) for 2021/2022.

Key Dates


Dental Educational Supervisor Approval process (DESAP) application round opens

12:00 11th January 2021 – 22nd February 2021                                                 

Virtual Annual QA Practice visits timeframe – for existing applicants

11th January 2021 – 22nd February 2021

ES sessional commitment forms to be completed via DESAP

11th January 2021 – 22nd February 2021

Virtual New Practice Visits timeframe – for new applicants

May/June 2021

Virtual Interviews-

(New applicants, 1st year supervisors and if HEIW requests)                          

If you require an interview you will be informed of which day you are required to attend.                                   

Please keep these dates free until you are notified.

20th, 21st and 22nd April 2021 Online

Interview outcomes communicated

21st May 2021

Educational Supervisor (ES) induction course for new ESs (maybe subject to change)                                                                 

23rd June 2021

Commencement of Dental Foundation Training

1st September 2021

Please note that this date is dependent on the COVID-19 situation

Approval Process

As well as the Dental Educational Supervisor Approval Application, the approval process will also involve:

  • Developing Dental Educators course – is mandatory for all new Educational Supervisor applicants. Attendance on one of the HEIW 4-day courses is an essential requirement for all new ESs who do not hold an alternative Post Graduate qualification in Medical or Dental Education acceptable to HEIW. The next course will be held on 18 to 19 January and 15 to 16 February 2021. Please contact Rachel Morgan to register your interest.
  • A new practice visits for all new applicants – scheduled to take place in May/June 2021.
  • QA annual practice visit and performance review for all existing applicants who are re-applying – scheduled to take place in December to February 2021

The visits are designed to assess the educational opportunities that exist within the practice. Educational Supervisors will be annually appraised by their scheme TPD. The scheme TPD will observe a virtual Mircrosoft Team’s tutorial and have a virtual tour of the practice. The TPD will then complete the annual QA visit documentation and provide feedback on in year performance to the ES.

  • Educational Supervisor sessions document – this is required for existing Educational Supervisors. HEIW monitor engagement and commitment of all Educational Supervisors to Dental Foundation Training. You are reminded that you are expected to undertake a minimum of 14 sessions within the Dental Foundation Training year (September – August) and attendance at sessions will be reviewed and included as part of the decision making process for reappointment of Educational Supervisors. The ES seasonal commitment form (Word, 76Kb) is available for information below but this will now be completed via DESAP during December – February 2021.
  • HIW & LHB reports – HEIW will also collect reports from HIW and LHBs on each applicant. All the documentation and assessment criteria to be used in this process is available below for information.
  • Equality & Diversity (E&D Training) – You are reminded that E&D training (required every 3 years) will be compulsory during this selection process. To access the Equality and Diversity training via NHS E-learning, you will need to follow the instructions within the Dental Primary Care User guide with enrolment keys document. If you have any queries in relation to this please contact Rachel Morgan.

HEIW are committed to conducting an open, fair and transparent approval process that supports us to approve high performing practices and Educational Supervisors to train and mentor our FDs. 

If you have any queries, please contact Gabrielle Lloyd (DFT Manager).

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