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Communications and engagement

Who we will communicate and engage with - stakeholders and partners

As an All-Wales organisation, with several strategic functions, we see communicating and engaging with our partners and stakeholders in both Welsh and English as an extremely important part of what we do.

Working together, understanding each other’s needs and how we can best support each other is critical if we are to succeed individually and as a system.

To achieve this, we are committed to collaborating, communicating, engaging and working closely with our partners and stakeholders. This includes, but isn’t limited to:

  • trainees and students
  • NHS Wales 
  • Social Care Wales
  • education providers
  • regulators
  • private sector (business, suppliers)
  • professional bodies
  • third sector
  • Welsh Government
  • public
  • and media.

Further information about our commitment to communication and engagement can be found in our HEIW communications engagement strategy April 2019 – which is being reviewed this summer (2023), and objective six of our HEIW Integrated Medium Term Plan (IMTP) 2020-23.

As an organisation and individual members of HEIW we communicate and engage through a number of channels and methods – below are just a few of those.  


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