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What is genomics?

Genomics is the study of a person’s genes (genome). It is a rapidly advancing discipline that offers opportunities to transform the care patients receive, some of which include:

  • earlier diagnosis
  • more personalised treatments and avoiding adverse effects from medication, and
  • identifying other health risks.

We need to ensure that this service can be offered to patients throughout Wales so we can provide the best care possible. 


Why do healthcare professionals need to know about Genomics?

Rapid advances in the study of the human genome provide huge opportunities to healthcare, no matter your area of clinical practice. This significant benefit to patients cannot be realised in NHS Wales without up-skilling everyone who makes up our healthcare workforce to enable increased integration of genomics into patient pathways.


Strategic Workforce Plan for Genomics

In 2020, Wales signed as a partner in Genome UK: the future of healthcare (a 10-year strategy to create the most advanced genomic healthcare system in the world) and subsequently published the Genomics Delivery Plan for Wales 2022-2025.

One of the actions in the Genomics Delivery Plan for Wales is to produce a Strategic Genomics Workforce Plan.  Health Education and Improvement Wales is working in partnership with Genomics Partnership Wales to produce this.

What will the plan do?

Genomics will play a significant role in the future delivery of healthcare helping us to understand more about illness and disease, and to be able to develop targeted approaches to treatment and patient management. 

The focus of the plan is on ensuring that we have a robust specialist workforce and infrastructure able to respond to the requirements set out within the national (UK) and Wales delivery programmes as well as a wider workforce with sufficient ‘genomic literacy’ to ensure that genomics can be effectively mainstreamed into service delivery.


Developed by NHS England, GeNotes are quick and concise resources which can help healthcare professionals make the right genomics decisions at each stage of a clinical pathway.

Further resources specific to the clinical pathways in Wales will be available shortly.

Genomics training

To embed genomics as a regular service throughout healthcare in Wales, we need to educate the NHS Wales workforce about it and how it impacts on their practice.

With GPW, we have developed the following e-learning modules to increase your understanding and improve patient care.

With a well-trained workforce and appropriate genomic testing in place, NHS Wales can transform the delivery of healthcare for the benefit of patients.

For further information about the genomics programme please contact


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