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Single lead employer

Single Lead Employer – roles, responsibilities and contact details

As part of their training programme, medical, dental and pharmacy trainees regularly rotate from one Health Board, Trust or practice to another. Traditionally, this meant every time a trainee rotated into a new organisation / practice they would need to go through the whole employment process all over again including all necessary checks.

We are in the process of moving all trainees onto the Single Lead Employer (SLE) model of employment. This means rather than changing employer every time trainees rotate, they stay with the same employer throughout their training no matter where they are based. Not only does this mean less paperwork and saves time, but also one continuous employer for any concerns, queries or issues throughout training.

The transfer of trainees to the SLE model has been part of a phased implementation programme lead by NHS Wales Shared Services Partnership who are also the lead employer.

The following trainee programmes have already transferred:

  • Dental Foundation Training (DFT), Dental Core Training (DCT) & Dental Specialty Training (DST)
  • GP
  • Pharmacist Foundation
  • Secondary Care – Foundation Years 1 and 2. Paediatrics, Obstetrics & Gynaecology. Pathology Specialties. Core and Higher Psychiatry, Radiology. Higher Medicine specialties and Higher Surgical specialties. 

The remaining secondary care training programmes will transfer over prior to August 2022. For those yet to transfer to the SLE model please contact your employing Health Board with any employment related concerns.

Who is my employer?

The SLE model involves three organisations with one acting as the lead employer who has overall employment responsibility for trainees. The lead employer in NHS Wales is NHS Wales Shared Services Partnership (NWSSP) – on your payslip it will displayed as Velindre NHS Trust. The table below details each organisation involved in the SLE model and their general roles and responsibilities in relation to your employment and training:


Lead Employer - NHS Wales Shared Services Partnership (NWSSP)


Host Organisation or Practice (E.g. Health Board, Trust, GP Practice, Dental Practice, Community Pharmacy)

Health Education and Improvement Wales (HEIW)

  • contracts of employment
  • pre-employment checks inc. DBS & health checks
  • paying monthly salary
  • relocation and excess travel expenses
  • general expenses
  • study leave expenses
  • sick leave – in liaison with host organisation / practice
  • annual leave – in liaison with host organisation / practice
  • occupational health referrals
  • mandatory training
  • access to Electronic Staff Record (ESR)
  • NHS Email
  • Performance management in liaison with host organisation / practice
  • restrictions/exclusions and disciplinary matters in liaison with host organisation / practice
  • resignations

Also known as local education provider or provider of clinical placements.

Provides day to day management and supervision of training by clinical & educational supervisors

  • workplace induction
  • annual leave agreement and reporting to lead employer
  • approval of study leave and reporting to lead employer
  • sickness absence reporting to lead employer & HEIW
  • return to work
  • responsibility for trainee on rotation
  • designated education / training supervisor
  • reports fitness to practice concerns / issues to HEIW

Responsible Officer, supervision of training and progress in training.

  • recruitment into training programmes
  • placements within training programmes
  • access to online training resources and materials
  • absence from training
  • fitness to practice
  • trainee performance / assessment
  • annual review of competence progression panels (ARCPs)
  • career advice
  • revalidation (exc Dental)
  • taking time out from training programme
  • methods of providing training
  • quality management of education and training
  • education and training programme concerns

General contact details:


All trainees


02920 903908 (Option for NWSSP/Velindre)
All trainees

General Expenses:

Login (

(You will need access to your NHS Wales email address to use this feature)


All trainees Relocation Expenses:
All trainees NWSSP lead employer website
All trainees NWSSP lead employer FAQs

         Training group specific contact details:


Training Group

Lead Employer –

for all employment related matters.

Host – for day-to-day management / supervision of training.

HEIW – for education and training programmes

Clinical / Education Supervisor

Dental Foundation Training

Dental Core Training helen.o'

Dental Specialty Training
GP Training


Clinical / Education Supervisor
Foundation Pharmacist Email: Clinical / Education Supervisor

Paediatrics, Obstetrics and Gynaecology (ST/SpR)

Pathologies, Psychiatry (Core & Higher), Radiology

Foundation Years 1 and 2

General & Higher Medicine and Emergency Medicine

General & Higher, Trauma & Orthopaedics 

Anaesthetics and Intensive Care Medicine

Acute Care Common Stem (ACCS)

Clinical / Education Supervisor

Foundation School -


Recruitment and Placement queries -


ARCP queries -


Teaching programmes queries
All trainees Additional contacts: