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Occupational medicine

The aim of the Occupational Health Department is to provide a high quality, efficient and impartial professional advisory service to improve and optimise staff and organisational health.

Occupational Health provides advice covering a broad range of work‑related health problems, including back pain associated with manual handling, occupational skin problems, work‑related stress, and exposure to pathogens, carcinogens and ionising radiation. In addition, the Department of Occupational Health provides services to local commercial employers including electricity distribution and several small and medium ­sized enterprises.

Trainees will be expected to assist with all aspects of the work of the Occupational Health Departments, both clinical and non‑clinical. Duties will be agreed between the trainer and the appointee, having regard for the training and service needs which will be reviewed regularly.

Trainees will be required to undertake formal postgraduate training in Occupational Medicine and arrangements for this will be agreed between the trainer and the appointee. This is likely to take the form of the University of Manchester Distance Learning Associateship of the Faculty of Occupational Medicine (AFOM) / MSc course or the day‑release AFOM course at the University of Birmingham Institute of Occupational Health. To attain membership of the Faculty of Occupational Medicine a dissertation is required and assistance in selecting a suitable research topic will be given.

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At this time Wales does not offer a training programme in Occupational medicine