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Newly registered pharmacists

Pharmacists standing in a pharmacy

HEIW Pharmacy offers training and support for newly registered pharmacists to increase their competence and confidence in the early stage of their career. Newly registered pharmacists, also known as Newly qualified pharmacists, Post-registration foundation pharmacists or Early career pharmacists, are classed as professionals practising within the first two years of registration.

Support is provided to further develop pharmacists’ skills, knowledge and behaviours in all sectors of practice, to enable more complex patient care to be delivered and to encourage independent learning. This is through offering a wide range of vocational experiences and educational resources, acting as a stepping-stone for career progression, being an enabler to transition into advanced pharmacy practice.  

From September 2022 HEIW will be offering a Post-registration foundation pharmacist training programme as part of the overall implementation of the GPhC standards for the initial education and training of pharmacists (IETP), which commenced in August 2021. This programme builds upon the HEIW multi-sector Foundation training year and is aimed at newly registered pharmacists emerging from July 2022 onwards. The programme offers a structured pathway of competency development which reflects the core changes to pharmacist practice, including gaining an Independent Prescribing qualification and will bridge the period for new registrants until the new IETP standards are fully implemented. Further details of the IETP Post-registration foundation pharmacist training programme can be found on the post-registration foundation pharmacist page

As a newly registered pharmacist, HEIW Pharmacy encourages and drives the importance of ongoing personal Lifelong Learning to support practice. HEIW Pharmacy offers a range of Continuing Professional Development (CPD) resources through a variety of mediums. Further information can be found on the CPD page.

There are also CPD+ courses available and more information can be found on the main HEIW CPD+ pharmacy page.

A ‘Return to Practice’ resources hub is available to support newly registered pharmacists who maybe initiating their career or transitioning into a new sector of practice. This hub provides self-assessment tools for registrants to identify their personal development needs and signposting to resources to support meeting the GPhC return to practice competences and the professional standards. The resource hub can be accessed on the return to practice / change in sector pharmacy professionals page.

For further information on training and support for newly registered pharmacists, please email: