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Funded Pharmacy Undergraduate Placement Programme (FPUPP)

The Funded Pharmacy Undergraduate Placement Programme (FPUPP) provides clinical experiences for undergraduate student pharmacists studying in Wales.

Overview of the FPUPP

  • Purpose: to provide excellent learning opportunities and support in line with the General Pharmaceutical Council’s (GPhC) revised standards for the initial education and training for pharmacists (IETP). This programme is run in partnership by HEIW, Cardiff University, and Swansea University.
  • Placements: clinical placements are offered in various sectors across Wales, including community pharmacies, GP practices, and hospitals. The number of clinical placements increases throughout the MPharm degree, to a total of 55 days per student starting August 2025.
  • Roles and responsibilities: collaborative working between HEIW and the Higher Education Institutions (HEI) ensures that student pharmacists are working towards the GPhC IETP learning outcomes in quality assured training sites. The host organisations provide opportunities for experiential learning, along with support and feedback for student pharmacists, and a commitment to HEIW's quality management framework. 
  • Placement supervisor: students are supported by a placement supervisor at the host organisation. They are responsible for the student's overall clinical placement experience.
  • Funding: Welsh Government provides the funding. Host sites will receive £120 per day, per student.
  • ‘Prescriber-ready’ students: from 2026, all foundation pharmacists will become independent prescribers when joining the GPhC register if training requirements have been met. FPUPP provides clinical experiences for students to safely facilitate this change.

The annual expression of interest (EOI) process for the 2024/25 academic year is now closed.

We will contact all community pharmacies, GP practices, and Health Boards in the spring to initiate the EOI process for 2025/26.

The HEIs will endeavour to allocate students to quality assured sites across Wales. However, HEIs cannot guarantee that all sites will receive students.


Any registered healthcare professional who holds relevant clinical skills and knowledge of the training requirements for pharmacists will be considered for the role.  

Annual training is provided to all placement supervisors, including a placement supervisor handbook. Students will be provided with a student manual to work through during their placements.

The IETP standards include 55 learning outcomes, all of which must be achieved by the end of a trainee pharmacists’ foundation training. However, 16 of these learning outcomes must be demonstrated at the ‘Does’ level of Miller’s triangle by the end of a student’s MPharm degree. The FPUPP supports students in achieving these 16 learning outcomes through experiential learning placements.

Host organisations are paid directly by the HEIs and must invoice the applicable HEI directly for payment, following HMRC guidance.

Please see the FPUPP flyer and Frequently Asked Questions document for further information on the programme.

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