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Consultant pharmacists

Pharmacist picking medicines from shelf

These are the most senior clinical experts in the pharmacy profession. The role was first introduced into the NHS in England in 2005 and in Wales in 2013.

In 2020 there was been significant modernisation in this area to ensure that all Consultant Pharmacist roles will deliver improvements in health, safety and wellbeing of the population they serve and to provide aspirational roles for the profession.

The following 4 steps were taken to make sure:-

  1. The title Consultant Pharmacist has real meaning

  2. People can trust and have confidence in the capabilities of individual Consultant Pharmacists

  1. New NHS guidance - describes the meaning of the ‘Consultant Pharmacist’ title and it is now the same wherever you go in the NHS Draft Consultant Pharmacist Guidance ( Draft Consultant Pharmacist Guidance (

  2. Post Approval process - independent reviewers assess if Consultant Pharmacist posts are consistently set-up to deliver success in the NHS Post Approval | RPS (

  3. ‘Consultant-ready’ assessment - independent reviewers assess whether pharmacists have proven their capability to fulfil a role Credentialing (

  4. Public Directory - all approved posts are listed on the internet and any other use of the ‘Consultant Directory of approved Consultant Pharmacist Posts (