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Relinquishing the trainer role

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There will be occasions where an individual no longer wishes, or is no longer able, to continue in their trainer role(s) (e.g. no longer wanting to be a trainer, leaving Wales, retiring, etc).

Individuals can amend their own trainer records in the Trainer Agreement Gateway (TAG) system to accurately reflect the roles that they undertake, so long as they will be remaining in at least one of the four recognised roles.

Where individuals wish to be removed from all of the trainer role(s) and therefore relinquish their status as a trainer, their record will need to be made inactive in the TAG system.

Trainers should inform the education organiser or their local education centre in writing, at the earliest opportunity, if they need their record to be made inactive and state the reason for leaving the trainer role(s). The request will then be actioned and the education organiser will inform the GMC that the trainer status should be removed from the individual’s record on its List of Registered Medical Practitioners. Individuals will no longer be recognised as a trainer by the GMC and will not be able to act in any of the four recognised trainer roles.