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Community rehabilitation standards

Demand for rehabilitation services is growing. This is due to an aging population, more people living with frailty, long-term complex conditions, deconditioning (a decline in physical function) and the impact of the pandemic on people’s health and wellbeing.

To help Allied Health Professionals (AHPs) delivering rehabilitation services, and people who need access to them, we have developed the All-Wales Community Rehabilitation Best Practice Standards.

The aim of this work is to:

  • support professionals working in rehabilitation services to understand and deliver standardised rehabilitation
  • allow rehabilitation services to benchmark their service against others, look at ways to improve their own service provision, and help identify quality improvement projects
  • ensure anyone who needs rehabilitation can access these services and receive holistic treatment with them at the centre, while also giving them guidance on what they can expect.

The standards contain two self-audit tools: one for service providers and one for service users. These will help people working in rehabilitation to see how their service is meeting these standards. It will identify the quality enablers needing to be improved and the document will provide resources to improve them. It will also act as a platform, for people working in rehabilitation services and those using rehabilitation services, to feedback on their experience so we can continue to improve.

In addition, we have designed example Microsoft Form templates for teams or services. These will support you further in gathering feedback from practitioners or service users in an alternative format.

These standards and quality enablers have been developed to support the All-Wales Rehabilitation Framework (2022) by providing more specific standards for community rehabilitation.