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AHP Roles and Careers

Who are Allied Health Professionals?

Read profiles direct from our workforce about the diversity of roles across the AHP's. These profiles describe the different routes into education and training that lead to becoming an Allied Health Professional and the range of career progression opportunities for our support workers, and registrants. If you would like to add your job to the portfolio register through the - Allied Health Professionals Job Profile Survey. 

Download the Allied Health Professions Job Profiles.

Please note: AHPs and Healthcare Science are grouped slightly different in England and Wales. If you would like information on radiographers or operating department practitioners, please see Our healthcare science pages.

AHP Job Roles


Student Information

Are you an Allied Health Professional student studying in Wales? Then we’d like to hear from you!
Let us know if you have been involved in any projects or innovative practice

Take a look at what AHP students have already been up to:
New healthcare leadership placement delivers innovation for students
Peer Feedback Support Group Resource Package

Student Forum

Do you want to share knowledge, discuss experiences, network with healthcare professionals and much more? Then why not join the Welsh Health Student Forum?

HCPC Resources

The Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC) has a bank of resources and tools providing guidance on a range of topics.