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AHP Workstreams and Resources

The Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC) have now launched new supervision materials on their website. These include sections such as:

  • a definition of supervision and an overview of what our standards say
  • examples of the benefits and outcomes of effective supervision, including short videos of registrants explaining how they approached supervision
  • two separate pieces of guidance, highlighting key principles on how to approach supervision effectively – one for supervisors and one for supervisees
  • four case studies demonstrating how to effectively approach supervision in practice
  • a supervision agreement and recording template, which provide suggestions on how to structure supervision sessions and what topics to discuss
  • supervision resources

Social Media Guidance
Supervision Resources

Allied Health Professionals are natural leaders of rehabilitation and through their expertise, resourcefulness and solutions-based approach, Wales can develop the very best rehabilitation services in the world.

Rehabilitation, reablement and recovery can take place in a variety of settings and will shift from restorative to compensatory and adaptive approaches over time.

'Rehabilitation is everybody's business' resource

With partners across Wales, we have developed a resource based on the principles of the rehabilitation guidance and framework published by Welsh Government in 2020.

Our Rehabilitation is everybody’s business’ resource' is designed to help health and social care professionals to work together in a systems-wide approach to supporting people with rehabilitation needs; whenever and wherever they meet them.

Prehabilitation Spotlight Session - Summer 2022  

HEIW's Allied Health Professionals (AHP) Person Centered Rehabilitation Workstream has a commitment to develop primary and community rehabilitation in Wales. As part of this, a virtual spotlight session took place in summer 2022 to promote some of the leading Prehabilitation programmes happening across Wales.

Thank you to all who attended the Prehabilitation spotlight session. We have put together a short highlights video to summarise the learnings from the session. We are excited to see the continued progression of Prehabilitation across Wales. If you would like to update the  Rehabilitation network about any local, national or international prehabilitation developments, please get in touch with the AHP programme via Gwella or via email:

View the Prehabilitation spotlight session on YouTube

AHP collaboration with Welsh National Opera  

View session on YouTube

AHP Framework and Principles Overview

View session on YouTube

Allied Health Professionals (AHPs) can be great leaders...this is our opportunity to shine!

Visit 'Gwella' our Leadership Portal for Wales, providing access to a wide range of compassionate leadership, management and quality improvement resources.

For our AHPs who are working in, or aspiring to work in, leadership roles across clinical practice, education, policy/strategy and research, we have a dedicated AHP Leadership Network. This online hub draws together resources to support your early and ongoing development as an AHP leader.

Email to express your interest in joining the AHP Leadership Network.


AHP Welsh Clinical Leadership Training Fellows

In September 2021 we welcomed the first AHP Welsh Clinical Leadership Fellows (WCLTFs)  Laura Braithwaite and Ross Nowell. Find out more about them and other WCLTFs across Wales.

Allied Health Professionals’ expertise is currently under-utilised in prevention, public health and primary care settings, where they can help us deliver the vision of enabling people to reduce their risk of developing avoidable health conditions and live as independently as possible for as long as possible.


Early Years Prevention

The Early Years Prevention Toolkit has been created to support Allied Health Professionals to tackle health inequalities for our future generations.

This toolkit is for AHPs working with young people aged 0-7 years. It may also be applicable more widely, including for people who work with young persons, expectant mothers or families. The contents are suitable for use at every career level, including students, new starters, experienced practitioners and team/organisational leads. It aims to help AHPs identify and maximise ways to improve health and tackle health inequalities as individuals and teams.

In this section you will be find information on workforce guidance and planning to support AHPs.

Workforce Planning Toolkit and Resources

All-Wales Primary and Community Care Allied Health Professions (AHP) Workforce Guidance: Organising principles to optimise utilisation:

Primary and Community Care Allied Health Professions (AHP) Workforce Guidance

Short read – Primary and Community Care Allied Health Professions (AHP) Workforce Guidance

Allied Health Professionals in Vocational Rehabilitation

HEIW Health and wellbeing resources

The Health and Work Report

The AHP Health and Work Report is used to provide employees, employers and GPs with information that may enable an employee to remain in work or to be signed off, usually for a set amount of time.

Health and Work Report online training module

The Association of Chartered Physiotherapists in Occupational Health and Ergonomics (ACPOHE) has created the Work and Health Learning and Development Hub. Guest users have access to a free section to learn more about work and health.