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If you are absent from training for any reason, you must inform your Department/Directorate and also HEIW:

Absences from training, other than for study leave or annual leave, i.e. maternity/paternity leave, jury service or other unforeseen circumstances may have an impact on a doctor’s ability to demonstrate competence and progression through their training curriculum. The General Medical Council (GMC) has determined therefore that within each 12 month period where a trainee has been absent for a total of 14 days or more (when a trainee would normally be at work), a review of whether the trainee needs to have their CCT/programme end date extended will be triggered.


Further details about absence from training can be found in the Trainee Handbook.

Failure to inform the relevant parties could result in this being identified at your ARCP and leading to a delay in your progression.

Trainees who are within one year of their anticipated CCT are eligible to 'Act-Up' as consultants, to a maximum period of three months (pro rata for LTFT). Trainees will also retain their National Training Number (NTN) during the period of acting up.

When in post the term 'acting-Up' and not 'locum' must be applied and time spent 'Acting-Up' may be recognised towards a training programme leading to the award of a CCT.

Before 'acting-up' trainees must obtain formal approval from the Postgraduate Dean or Deputy and the Training Programme Director. Download the acting up application form.

Applications should reach the Wales Deanery a minimum of eight weeks prior to the proposed start date of the acting up arrangement.

Trainees who are post CCT will NOT be eligible to act up but will be expected to take up the post as Locum Consultant. Upon taking a Locum Consultant post trainees will be asked to resign their National Training Number (NTN).

We will only accept applications for acting up within Wales (Trainees cannot act up outside of Wales).

Please see the GMC website for further information on acting up.

Your Educational Supervisor is usually allocated by the Medical Education Department at your Health Board.  If you have a query regarding this, or a request to change Supervisor, please contact the Department at your Health Board. 


You can find a list of contacts at Education centres - HEIW (

If you are a final year trainee, there are some important processes that you need to be aware of. These include:

  • Period of Grace

The Period of Grace (POG) is available to higher specialty or run through trainees from the point of CCT for six calendar months.

POG will commence the day after the CCT date and only after receiving an ARCP outcome 6 however the POG will not necessarily be in the same place of work.

During the POG placement the doctor is no longer considered to be in training, but is in post for the purpose of service delivery.

HEIW will contact all doctors in training asking them to confirm their intention of whether or not they intend to use the period of grace no later than 3 months before their CCT date.

If the doctor obtains a consultant post or wishes to finish early during the POG then they are required to resign and provide the standard 3 months notice: Completing/leaving specialty training


This information can be found in the Trainee Handbook

Our Generic Curriculum offers a number of courses that may be of interest.  Further details can be found at Generic Curriculum - HEIW (

HEIW’s Professional Service Unit provide a variety of courses that may be of use in leadership roles, such as Communication Skills & Strategies. Please see their page for further details: Professional support - HEIW (

Finally, Gwella is HEIW's Digital Leadership Portal, where you can find a wealth of information and resources.

If you have had a change of address or contact details, you will need to notify the Single Lead Employer (see Single Lead Employer section).

You will also need to update your details in the self service section on Intrepid (Trainee database); the Guidance to Trainees - Updating Self-Service Details on Intrepid docuement provides full details.

Applications for the payment of Relocation Expenses and Excess Travel are managed on behalf of NHS Wales by NHS Wales Shared Services Partnership (NWSSP).

Information can also be found on their web page: All Wales Relocation - NHS Wales Shared Services Partnership

HEIW’s Medical Deanery Guidance on Planning Return to Work for Doctors in Training provides all the information you should need before returning to work after a period of absence. 


The guide includes a table which outlines an approach for those trainees who are likely to or are

returning to practice after a six-month absence or more. 

Trainees are responsible for Revalidation with the GMC.  You should:

  • Confirm you are commented to HEIW as your Designated Body on your GMC connect account
  • Ensure that your portfolio is kept up to date and that you are meeting all the requirements of your specialty curriculum and training programme
  • Submit your Form R self declaration when requested to do so by the HEIW team and other additional information if required

Please go to our website:  Trainee revalidation - HEIW ( and FAQ pages Revalidation - FAQs - HEIW ( for further information and guidance. 

The SLE model in Wales is a collaborative employment model, with the responsibilities of the traditional employer shared between three major stakeholders, who are:


  • Single Lead Employer – NHS Wales Shared Services Partnership (NWSSP)
  • Host Organisation
  • Health Education Improvement Wales (HEIW)


The benefits are that for the whole of the training scheme, trainees will have one employer. This means that if you rotate into a different organisation you will remain employed by NWSSP and your employment checks will not generally require re- examination.


Further details about SLE can be found here: Lead Employer - NHS Wales Shared Services Partnership.


Contact details can be found here: Contact Lead Employer - NHS Wales Shared Services Partnership

To find out more about your Study Leave entitlement, please read HEIW‘s All Wales Study Leave Policy for Doctors in Training.


Please note, as detailed in the policy, HEIW do not approve study leave or expenses. This is dealt with by the Medical Education Department at the Health Board.  You can find a list of contacts at Education centres - HEIW (

There are a number of staff who are available to support you.  You can discuss any concerns with your Educational Supervisor, Named Clinical Supervisor or Training Programme Director.  In addition, HEIW have a Professional Support Uni who offer advice, guidance and support to all trainees.  They also offer a number of training courses throughout the year. 


Further details can be found on their web page:  Professional support - HEIW (

Each specialty has an elected Trainee Representative.  The role was created to enable us to continuously improve our training programmes through feedback and improved communications between Trainees and STCs/Schools. It is a crucial role.  Your Training Programme Director (TPD) will be able to advise who your Trainee Representative is.


HEIW have published a guidance document which contains details of the Job Description and Appointment Process for Trainee Representatives.