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Return to training

An increasing number of healthcare professionals in Wales are taking time out of training for various reasons. This can include personal factors such as parental leave, caring responsibilities, and ill health, or for professional advancement such as career development and research.

To accommodate everyone’s experience during time out of training, an individualised, compassionate, and supportive approach to their return is recommended. We suggest trainers meet with each trainee one to one before they return.

This allows an opportunity to consider:

  • duration of time out of training
  • their experiences during that time
  • their requirements when returning
  • and to plan a suitable induction.

On their return, we recommend trainers meet with the trainee regularly to monitor progress and support.

This guidance has been developed for doctors in training in Wales. HEIW are in the process of developing guidance for return to work for all healthcare professionals in training. 


Guidance and FAQs

This guidance has been developed to support trainee doctors and their trainers by offering guidance and resources to support individuals on their experience of returning to training.


Return to training forms

These forms facilitate discussion between the trainee doctor and their trainers regarding the anticipated and potential support required on return to training.

  • Pre-absence form – for use when leave is planned.
  • Pre-return form – for use when leave isn’t planned, and in an appropriate time period can be considered (around six weeks is recommended).
  • Post-return form - can be used to check if any further support is required (around six weeks following return to work is recommended).

All three forms are available in the same document.


Professional Support Unit

Support is available from the Professional Support Unit (PSU) who have a wealth of experience and can offer additional guidance with this process.



PSU webinar 'improving confidence in return to training' coming soon.