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Performers list exemption

Dental studio

Dentists are required as from 1 April 2006 to have a Vocational Training number as one of the pre-requisites of being placed on the Dental Performers List, which is held by the Business Service Centre in Swansea.

Applications for a Performer Number should be made on a DPL1 form which can be obtained from Business Service Centre in Swansea (Tel. 01792 607438).

In order to be awarded a VT number a Dentist would need to have successfully completed a period of vocational training in the UK since October 1993 and present a certificate of completion (part A). Otherwise they would need to demonstrate ‘equivalent’ training and experience [See PLVE section] or would need to be considered ‘exempt’ from this requirement (Part B).

If you are submitting your application under Part A or B the Dental Postgraduate Section will issue a Vocational Training number or provide you with a response within 14 working days. Please see VT Number Routes in the Related Downloads Section which illustrates the options for applying for a VT Number.