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Performers list validation by experience

Series of key works

HEIW administers the Performers List Validation by Experience (PLVE) process in conjunction with Local Health Boards and the Performers list on behalf of Welsh Government.

What is PLVE?

PLVE (formally known as Vocational Training by Equivalence) is a process for overseas (non-UK/EEA) dental school graduates who have clinical experience in their home country to confirm they have the necessary experience and training to work in the NHS within the UK.

PLVE is not a training programme, it is an assessment process to establish if a VT number can be awarded or not dependant on the level of experience demonstrated. The PLVE Panel will consider the application made and make an assessment accordingly. If it is the Panel decision not to award a VT number, they will make recommendations of what additional activities the applicant should undertake prior to re-applying for a VT number. These recommendations will be forwarded to the Performers List for consideration.

In order to apply for PLVE, the applicant must hold full GDC registration and must have some post-qualification clinical experience in their home country.

PLVE in Wales

The first step is for the applicant to locate a job offer. HEIW does not hold a list of dental practices or potential jobs.

Once the applicant has a job offer, they must contact the LHB where the practice is located and apply to join the Dental Performer’s List in Wales. The practice and In Practice Mentor will need to be approved by the LHB and HEIW. The LHB makes the final decision on whether the applicant is able to join the National Performer’s List as a ‘Dental Performer’.

Once you have begun the process of making an application to join the Performers List the applicant completes and submits a PLVE Application Form to HEIW. Further information, including a Process Flowchart, can be found in the Related Resources Section. Guidance on the portfolio is available in the COPDEND document ‘Competency Framework Guidance’. The current Dental Foundation Training Curriculum has been provided as reference.

  1. PLVE committee will review an applicant’s portfolio against the Professional and Managerial domains of the Foundation Dentist Curriculum and determine if it demonstrates equivalence. This will be undertaken by three experienced panel members.
  2. PLVE will provide a report to the LHB and Applicant detailing the outcome of this portfolio review.
  3. Should there be gaps in the portfolio, the applicant will be required to develop and undertake a PDP and period of supervised training, which will be overseen by the Dental Professional Support Unit (DPSU).
  4. Once the applicant has fulfilled the PDP criteria, they can submit their amended portfolio to the PLVE Panel.

PLVE are unable to assess the clinical domains of the curriculum and this should be assessed by the supervising employer/trainer.

Frequently Asked Questions

Queries which are not answered by the documents in the Relates Resources section or the FAQs below can be emailed to the DPSU Support Tutor, c/o DPSU Administrator.

Can you give me some suggestions of where to look for a job?

Unfortunately, we don’t hold any information about potential jobs or openings.

Can I work less-than-full time?

Yes, but you must ensure that you do not work longer than 12 months whole time equivalent in the training post.

What do I need to include in my portfolio?

Please see the guidance on this website – ‘Competency Framework Guidance’.

Portfolio evidence may include the following:

  • CV showing evidence of UK NHS primary dental career experience
  • Reflective commentary on NHS experience
  • Clinical references
  • Employment contract and reflection, reference to tutorial discussion
  • A personal development plan (PDP)
  • Statements from colleagues
  • Patient feedback surveys
  • Anonymised patient records
  • Referral letters and replies
  • Minutes from staff meetings
  • Reflections on staff training sessions
  • Continuing professional development (CPD) record with specific certificates
  • Specific practice protocols and reflections, reference to tutorials.

Do I have to submit a portfolio to a review panel before starting my supervised training? I don’t have any evidence from my previous work?

No, if you don’t have a portfolio, you can start your supervised practice, but please be aware that HEIW cannot provide any guidance of which areas of the portfolio you need to concentrate on until your portfolio has been submitted for review by a PLVE Review Panel.

Do you require that I be accompanied by a fully-qualified dental nurse or can it be a nurse-in-training?

Dental Foundation Training requires a fully-qualified dental nurse; we recommend the same for PLVE.

Does my in practice supervisor have to undertake any approved programs?

The in practice supervisor/ mentor if not an existing/ recent (within last 2 year) DF educational supervisor then they will have to undertake an approved Educational/Mentoring Program as designated by HEIW, within a clearly defined period of time.

Will the dental practice be able to count the UDAs that I complete towards their practice total?

Yes, because we do not fund your place at the practice, the practice will be able to count the UDAs that you work when you are there. If the practice also has a DFT trainee, they are not able to count the UDAs this dentist works because we are providing funding to support their training.

Can I attend CPD or other courses at other Deaneries?

Yes, you can attend courses at any other location as long as they also allow you to attend. Please make sure you get a certificate to prove your attendance and include this as part of your portfolio.

How many patients must submit a response as part of a patient satisfaction questionnaire?

A minimum of 20 patients must respond and be collated.

How many workplace based assessments (i.e. CBDs, ADEPs) should I submit as part of my portfolio?

The panel would like to see at least one CBD and one ADEP for each month that you work in practice. For example, if you work in a practice for seven months before submitting your portfolio, you should submit at least seven CBDs and seven ADEPs.

Forthcoming PLVE Panel Meeting Dates

Panel meetings take place three to four times a year. Please contact the DPSU Administrator ( for the next meeting date.

Please refer to the Initial Application Flow Chart for guidance on how to apply in the Related Resources Section.