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Supporting the NHS workforce

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NHS Wales colleague health and wellbeing webpages

All staff can now access the NHS Wales colleague health and wellbeing webpages which provides a range of health & wellbeing resources to support at this difficult time.

Baker's Dozen

A guide for healthcare workers on stress management and resilience.

All Wales Delegation Guidelines

National guidelines have been developed to assist in the management and practice of all acts of appropriate delegation.

They have been developed primarily to support clinical staff, however, the principles could be applied to all staff groups across health and social care.

The full all Wales guidelines for delegation.

safeMedicate online resources for health professionals

Health Education and Improvement Wales, along with the safeMedicate team, is pleased to offer health professionals free access to their online resources as a contribution to supporting the NHS and you during this unprecedented Covid-19 crisis.

You can use safeMedicate to update your competence in drug dosage calculations, and/or work through the new Managing Covid-19 module to support any dosage calculation up-skilling requirements in preparation for caring for patients with Covid-19 related illnesses.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) guidance for healthcare professionals and associated links.

Dementia care guidance

In collaboration with Social Care Wales, Improvement Cymru and Helen Lambert, Health Education and Improvement Wales has developed a new training resource for frontline care workers supporting those living with dementia and their families.

Support following a traumatic event resource

Health Education Improvement Wales and DNA Definitive have developed an infographic to help support those who have experienced a traumatic incident.

A traumatic incident is any event that can be considered to be outside of an individual’s usual experiences, and causes physical, emotional or psychological harm.

Professional Support Unit

Our Professional Support Unit (PSU) is here to support trainees during this challenging time. Contact the unit for a one to one meeting (via phone/Skype) to discuss any challenges you may be facing. Email or if urgent call Leona Walsh on 07900 191933.

Covid-19 Psychological and Mental Health First Aid Resources

The below resources are open access to all healthcare professionals and provide practical advice to support you and your patients through the COVID-19 pandemic.

Covid-19: Psychological First Aid (Future Learn)

Mental health during Covid-19 (Health Education and Improvement Wales)

Nursing and Allied Health Professionals

Covid-19 training resources for nurses and allied health professionals portal

Nurses and allied health professionals can access our Covid-19 training resources for nurses and allied health professionals portal which includes training on delegation, redeployment to clinical settings, critical care along with resources to help support your wellbeing during this challenging time.

Recovery, rehabilitation and reablement resources for AHPs and other professionals

Health Education England (HEE) have collated a range of resources to support Allied Health Professionals and other professionals working in primary and community care.

These resources can help to meet the recovery, rehabilitation and reablement needs of all people during the Covid-19 pandemic.

HEE have kindly agreed to share these resources with all health and social care professionals across Wales.

Simply access these resources without needing to create an account.


Pharmacy technician re-certification training programmes

New training programmes, launched by Health Education and Improvement Wales (HEIW), will enable pharmacy technicians in Wales to re-certify as Accredited Checking Pharmacy Technicians (ACPT) re-certify in Medicine Management and train in Medicine Administration to support the workforce in the fight against Covid-19.

The new programmes will help pharmacy technicians returning to practice during the COVID-19 pandemic, and those transferring their skills between workplace settings, to refresh their skills, knowledge and understanding.

We’re delighted to announce that HEIW’s ‘Oxygen Therapy’ training and 'Medication Administration' training is now live on our website. This new training allows health and social care system to adapt quickly to the new challenges as a result of Covid-19 pandemic.


Online training for dental professionals

Health Education and Improvement Wales have been working with Welsh Government and NHS Wales Shared Services Partnership colleagues to provide online training for dental professionals who are being redeployed within local health boards to support the Covid-19 pandemic. Read further information regarding dental redeployment.