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Health Education and Improvement Wales aims to provide high quality support and training for Ophthalmology trainees in Wales. This will be closely aligned with other eye health care professionals to ensure optimum treatment and care for patients.


Ophthalmology training in Wales is nationwide so rotations include south and north Wales. North Wales training centres include Abergele and Wrexham. South Wales rotations include centres in Newport, Cardiff, Llantrisant, Bridgend, Swansea, or Carmarthen.

Wales has state of the art simulation equipment to aid in surgical training. Simulators are available in Newport, Cardiff, Swansea and Abergele. In association with the Welsh Government and School of Optometry and Visual Sciences, the school is developing a simulation suite, which will assist with all aspects of clinical and surgical training.

The training programme is also proud to provide ample research opportunities and are supportive of trainees seeking out of programmes experiences or less than full time training. There is a full teaching programme along with national conferences and courses which trainees are encouraged to attend and participate in.

The trainees in Wales run their own website and society, the Welsh Ophthalmic Trainees Society, which covers all aspects of training and life in Wales.