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We're recruiting NHS staff to be Climate Smart Champions

In 2019, the Welsh Government declared a climate emergency, signalling that Wales was committed to tackling the challenge of climate change.

In response to this, Welsh Government set a target of a net zero public sector in Wales by 2030.

NHS Wales is the largest public sector emitter of C02, with a carbon footprint of around 1.00MtC02e. This is the equivalent to almost 126,000 home’s energy use for a whole year!

HEIW is committed to creating and driving sustainable change throughout NHS Wales. To do this, we are recruiting Climate Smart Champions from the NHS workforce.


What is a Climate Smart Champion?

A climate smart champion is someone who will lead on transforming NHS Wales into smarter, more successful, and more sustainable organisations.

We want colleagues at all levels of the NHS, to implement sustainable change in their varied working environments.

This opportunity is open to anyone that works for the NHS in Wales. 

This is an excellent addition to your Continuous Professional Development and helps connect you with colleagues across the NHS to help learn and develop yourself and your service.

What's Involved?

The training includes:

  • A self-study preparation period (approximately six hours)
  • A virtual workshop (four hour sessions)
  • Opportunities are available for ongoing project support and peer engagement via sustainable healthcare cafés throughout the year.

This initiative is part of HEIW’s drive to deliver against our organisational and NHS Wales responsibilities. These ensure that in three years’ time we will have embedded the latest decarbonisation knowledge and research into healthcare leadership, practice, training and education, supporting a Welsh approach to sustainable healthcare.

Due to high demand, we have limited opportunities available for 2023-24, so ensure you register your interest and enrol below:

Additional Training opportunities:

Carbon Literacy

Carbon Literacy is an awareness of the carbon costs and impacts of everyday activities and the ability and motivation to reduce emissions, on an individual, community, and organisational basis. This session provides an introduction to climate change, including the science and urgency of the matter, before looking at the impacts of climate change on the health and care sector and the range of responses that are available to healthcare professionals. The session then concludes with the development of an individual action plan which is specific to each learner’s job role, providing a tangible output to take forward and implement in your working lives. Learners who participate in the full session and successfully complete an action plan will become certified as carbon literate citizens.

The training will be carried out over 2 half days

If you have already enrolled on an Introduction to Sustainable Healthcare, there is no need to sign up for the carbon literacy training.


Please contact: HEIW.Planning&