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Teachers, advisers and work coaches

Teaching process

This section provides information which can be used in careers and guidance sessions to support individuals with their career planning.

With more than 350 health roles there is likely to be something of interest for everyone exploring their career options. Throughout the NHS Wales Careers website, you'll find a range of resources, tools and tips to help you offer advice, information and guidance to your students/clients.

The following sections may be of particular interest to you:

  • our Roles section provides information about the wide variety of roles available in health
  • our Courses section will provide information about the various courses that will support your student/client in whatever route they choose. There is also information about available funding for courses leading to professional registration in our finance section.
  • our Work section details information about pay/benefits, how to apply for jobs and work experience/volunteering.

FAQs for teachers, careers advisers and work coaches

The following are frequently asked questions that teachers, careers advisers and work coaches often ask us.

Can someone from the NHS come into my school/college/jobcentre and give a careers talk to my students/clients? Can someone represent the NHS at my forthcoming careers event?

Unfortunately, NHS Wales Careers is not resourced to attend events at individual schools or colleges. However, if you email us we can put you in contact with your local NHS organisation(s) to see if they may be able to provide a representative.

*** Please be aware that in order for our colleagues to support your request they will need a minimum of six weeks advance notice. ***

How can my students get work experience in the NHS?

Giving students and others the chance to experience work within healthcare can present challenges for some NHS organisations. Quality of care and patient confidentiality are paramount so careful consideration has to be given to where work experience placements can be held, timings of the placement and what can be included during the placement. If you are responsible for organising work experience you may find our Work Experience section helpful.

Universities courses in nursing, medicine and other clinical areas rarely require experience of working in the NHS. Instead they often look for experience of care work or customer care. If your students/clients are seeking some sort of caring experience, then the NHS is just one possible place they could try. There are independent healthcare providers (including private hospitals, clinics, care homes, nurseries) and a whole host of charities.

Volunteering is an excellent way of gaining experience and to see whether they are suited to a particular type of work. It’s also a great way to boost their confidence and they can give something back to the community. Visit our Volunteering section for more information.

How can I help my students/clients who are taking/planning to take a degree and want to work in the NHS afterwards?

In terms of information on particular careers, our roles section has lots of information. Anyone applying for a role or training position either directly in the NHS or in an organisation that provides NHS services will be asked to show how they think the NHS values apply in their everyday work. The same will be true if they are applying for a university course with placements in the NHS.

What financial support is available to students?

In Wales, health course for nursing, midwifery, allied healthcare professions and healthcare science are funded. However, this comes with the caveat that applicants will need to commit to working in Wales for two years following the completion of their course. Visit Student Awards Services to find further information regarding:

  • eligibility
  • FAQs regarding the implications to changes to the NHS Wales Bursary Scheme
  • contact us page should you need any further assistance.

Are apprenticeships available in the health sector?

Apprenticeships in the health sector are advertised on NHS Jobs. You can also find apprenticeship vacancies for NHS Wales on Careers Wales.

Looking for sources of health careers information outside of Wales?

Each of the other three home nations provide information about health careers slightly differently. The following provides information about relevant websites and contact details: