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Access courses

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What is an access course?

The Access to Higher Education Diploma is a qualification which prepares people without traditional qualifications for study at university. A student completing an access course will have the same level of study skills as someone who has just completed their A levels and will be well prepared to enter university.

Would an access course suit me?

Access courses are usually about 16 hours of contact time per week spread over one year (September - June) plus homework. Early booking is recommended as the courses are very popular and are often booked up before September.

How can I fit an access course around work?

If you cannot study an access course during the day due to work commitments, you may want to consider studying part-time.

What access course should I consider?

The most popular route to a university healthcare course for over twenty-ones is an access to health and social care course.

Each university sets its own admissions criteria so it may be worth checking the website or contacting the admissions department/lead tutor of the university you are interested in applying to to find out which qualifications they will accept.

How do I apply for an access course?

Entry requirements and application processes are determined by individual colleges/course providers and may vary. Visit the Access to Higher Education website to find out more and see where your nearest course is.

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