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Flow and Discharge Enabler


Initiative Name



HCSW Led Discharge


A new model of care for patients medically fit for discharge is in operation in Ysbyty Cwm Cynon (YCC), shows how effective delegation can impact on patients, staff and the service.  A section of the ward where patients who are waiting for completion of their discharge package have their care led by HCSWs with a registered nurse available for advice on the main ward. This releases the registrant to provide care to patients who are not ready for discharge and require active treatment 

A Macro Workforce Plan across (Stroke) Pathway

Cardiff and Vale UHB have developed a transferable model of HCSW into a Band 4 assistant practitioner role who support the rehabilitation of stroke patients releasing the time of registrants to provide treatments to more dependent patients.  The model has received positive evaluation.

Integrated Working

Level 4 Therapy Assistant Practitioner Apprenticeship

University of Wales Trinity St David’s is leading on the development of all Wales resources to upskill the therapy assistant practitioner workforce as part of the workforce development to meet post-Covid patient care needs.

D2RA Training Resource

HEIW are currently working with the Delivery Unit and Social Care Wales to develop a Training Resource for Multi-Professional Teams Implementing the Discharge to Recover then Assess(D2RA) Model in Wales.  The training resource is aimed at multi-professional teams across the whole system and will support more timely and multi-disciplinary working to discharge patients from secondary care.

Competency Framework for Trusted Assessors

A Competency Framework for Trusted Assessors and a training package which was adopted by the Swansea Bay UHB and both the LA partners.  This was changed during Covid so that any registrant (OT, physio, nurse, doctor or social worker) was deemed a Trusted Assessor without additional training due to their registered status & the assessment paperwork and processes were simplified in line with the Covid Discharge Requirements.

Nutritional & Hydration HCSW

A pilot in YCR. A nutritional and hydration HCSW who solely concentrates on ensuring patients are having sufficient  diet and fluid intake.  They encourage patients to drink more fluids.  The HCSW works with the catering team to ensure the patients have plenty of choice when it comes to meal times and they monitor the patients intake and output. This pilot is having excellent outcomes for the patients such as less infections, increase weight gain, improved skin integrity, less use of IV fluids and antibiotics. Also had an impact on the patient length of stay.