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Covid-19 resources

COVID-19 resources links to a collection of resource enabling access to self-help, instruction for meditation and mindful breathing, maintaining wellbeing, accessing external support and much more.

Supporting Trainers to support others during Covid-19

The Beat COVID: Get Prepared website provides a Wellbeing Strategy for Healthcare Workers: Get Prepared is the campaign to protect the wellness of our invaluable NHS staff through this difficult period. Join Beat COVID for a daily wellbeing content, specifically designed for the challenge of keeping a healthy mind and body whilst fighting the COVID battle.

Supporting your team

Controlling the breath to control the mind

Working from home

Compassion starts with me

PSU & Dragonbites coffee time podcast – ‘Realising strengths’ - PSU reflections on realising your strengths and maintaining wellbeing during challenging times (please note, this link will need to be accessed via a non-NHS device).

Hywel Dda Health Board poetry page - open to ALL (including children). Space to read, compose and submit poems that express feelings, record observations and free imaginations at this time. Other languages are encouraged (perhaps with a short explanation in English). You could ask for anonymity when you submit.

During this challenging time, the BMA’s Wellbeing support services are available to all UK medical students and doctors, regardless of membership, 24/7 and free of charge. These services are also open to spouses, partners and children of those doctors and medical students. Confidential counselling and peer support is offered.

Meditation and talk with Jon Kabat Zinn

Free Mindfulness

Breathworks Mindfulness free course

Oxford Mindfulness online sessions

Team support: 5 levels of care

Team support: Psychological safety

Team support: Psychological first aid

Team support: How to support staff with acute anxiety

Team support: 3 step team procedure

Team support: peer to peer psychological debriefing

Team support: other tips for supporting your team

Team support: tips for communicating around Covid-19

General resources

Professional Support Unit leaflet (English)

Professional Support Unit leaflet (Welsh)

NHS Wales guidance on health and wellbeing for staff and managers: Useful guides and tools which aim to support workforce health and wellbeing.

Social Media Guidance: Although medical professionals should be free to take advantage of the many personal and professional benefits that social media can offer, it is important that they are aware of the potential risks involved. This guidance provides practical and ethical advice on the different issues that doctors and medical students may encounter when using social media.

Exercise for improving handwriting: Some pointers on how to improve your handwriting skills.

Introduction to Concept Mapping: Concept mapping is a technique for representing the structure of information visually. There are several uses for concept mapping.

Time Management – Grid and How To Improve: Great time management is one of the most vital skills doctor can develop. A quote from Stephen Covey sums up how we can best use our time: "I am personally persuaded that the best thinking in the area of time management can be captured in a single phrase: “Organize and execute around priorities."

How to make a Mind Map

Links to the following websites will show you the tools on how to make a mind map:

Relaxation Exercise: A 5-minute exercise to help you feel relaxed and focussed.

Practical and financial support for Doctors: If you have been signed off sick for any amount of time it can be difficult to adjust to your new circumstances. There is often a lot of help and support available from your trust or deanery, and organisations such as the BMA, but information on financial support may be difficult to find and can be confusing.  The information here is intended as a guide and there may be things that have been omitted – it is always useful to talk to as many people as possible and ask for help if you need it!

Health for Health Professionals is a free, confidential service available to all health professionals and healthcare students working in NHS Wales. You can access the service between 9am and 5pm, Monday to Friday. Phone 0800 058 2738.

British Medical Association:

BMA website

BMA Doctors' wellbeing