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Awareness raising sessions

A Healthier Wales: Our Workforce Strategy for Health and Social Care sets out an approach to the creation of an NHS which has workplaces where staff experience compassionate, collective, healthy and fair behaviours. It is recognised that there many opportunities to influence this change including leadership development, changing our approach towards colleagues’ experiences of work and refocussing how our people “policies” are designed and used.

A recent Staff Survey also highlighted the need to address workplace relationships (including bullying and harassment) and the Minister for Health and Social Services was keen for this to be taken forward in partnership.

Through working on a replacement to the Grievance Policy and Dignity at Work Procedure it was felt that there was a real opportunity for employers and trade union colleagues to work together to re-focus our traditional way of doing things and move to building an approach which focussed on early intervention and the prevention of problems through building healthier working relationships and workplaces. A joint new approach has now been agreed in partnership and will be launched on 1 June 2021. Two key aspects to support the delivery of this new approach are the development of a Mediation Network to deal with issues as early as possible and the development of a new Respect and Resolution policy (which will replace the previous Grievance Policy and Dignity at Work Procedure).

Two awareness raising sessions were held, aimed at all managers and staff within NHS Wales to provide:

  • an overview of the new approach and;
  • how the new Mediation Network and Respect and Resolution Policy will support the roll out.

The sessions were led by the following key colleagues: -

  • Claire Vaughan, Executive Director of Workforce and OD, Welsh Ambulance Services NHS Trust
  • Richard Tompkins, Director, NHS Wales Employers
  • Rhiannon Windsor, Head of People, Organisational Development and Business Partnering, NHS Wales Shared Services Partnership
  • Sioned Eurig, Solicitor, Legal and Risk Services
  • Richard Munn, Regional Officer, Unite the Union
  • Peter Hewin, BAOT/Unison
  • Andrew Davies, Policy and Development Manager, NHS Wales Employers

Below are recordings from each session, alongside a copy of the presentation.

5 May 2021

Transcript - May 2021