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Colleague health and wellbeing

There are several free health and wellbeing resources available on a national basis on the HEIW website that are accessible to all NHS Wales staff.  Starting with self-help through to crisis intervention. 

They include:

  • Line manager / team / local networks / self-refer to Occupational Health / Employee Wellbeing Service / Employee Assistant Programme (each HB/Trust has its own process and timescale including how employees access counselling and physiotherapy services)
  • Access self help via  Silver Cloud on-line tool which has 4 different programmes, Space from Stress, Space from COVID-19, Space for Resilience, Space for Sleep 
  • Access self-help via CANOPI, who offer guided self-help, peer support, and virtual face-to-face therapies with accredited specialists such as CBT.  

Other resources available to non-NHS employees 
Able futures delivers mental health support via telephone, video calls and email.  You can apply online or by phone to get regular advice and guidance from a mental health specialist, to help you cope with anything that is on their mind that is affecting their time at work. 

If you are a student you have access to Occupational Health via your local HB / Trust, other services are via your HEI (University or College).  

  • Advice and guidance for students with disabilities and mental health difficulties
  • Counselling, wellbeing advice and support with a mechanism to address students in crisis (appts must be offered through face-to-face delivery at the student’s nearest university base or in placement, through phone/online appts, drop-in services, workshops and self-help resources).
  • HEIW meet with students as part of the contractual performance management cycle to gain feedback on their experiences.  Students are asked specifically on whether these support services are in place.

The HEIW Professional Support Unit (PSU) was established in 2008 to support all doctors and dentists in training in Wales to maximise training opportunity. PSU provides guidance and information to all parties involved in postgraduate medical and dental training.

Full details of all of the support available for all staff can be found on our website.

The Wellbeing in Work Impact Resource (WiWIR) contains recommendations for embedding wellbeing into our systems as enablers for creating the right environment for colleagues to thrive.

Wellbeing tips for the Christmas period
The MIND charity has issued some wellbeing tips to prepare for the Christmas period. Please click here to access the tips.