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Foundation recruitment

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Recruitment to the foundation programme is a fair and open competitive selection process for UK and non-UK medical graduates, which is overseen by the UK Foundation Programme Office (UKFPO). For detailed information on the current recruitment round, please see the UKFPO website.

Applicants are asked to read the UKFPO Applicant's Handbook carefully to ensure that all deadlines and requirements are met.

If you have any questions that are not covered on this website, please email Wales Foundation School with your query.

Application process (UKFP, AFP and FPP)

Applications are completed through the online recruitment portal Oriel. Eligibility applicants will need to register themselves in order to complete the Eligibility application form. UK medical school graduates will be nominated by their medical schools and invited to register via email.

For the 2021 recruitment round, all applications must be submitted between Monday 19 October 2020 and Wednesday 4 November 2020 (12 noon).

UK foundation programme (including LIFT)

Our standard foundation programmes contain 3 x 4 month placements, in both the F1 and F2 years.

In Wales, there are also "Longitudinal Integrated Foundation Training" (LIFT) programmes included in the standard foundation programme offering. The LIFT model aims to improve clinical progress and patient centred practice, as well as the quality of the educational experience. As opposed to receiving one 4-month block of a specialty (e.g. General Practice), LIFT foundation doctors experience 2 sessions per week (1 day) in the specialty throughout their F1 year. This runs alongside the traditional 4-month placements, allowing doctors to experience an additional specialty compared to standard foundation programmes.

Our list of LIFT FAQs (PDF, 157Kb) will help answer most questions.

Academic Foundation Programme (AFP)

Detailed information on the Wales AFP can be found in the Academic F1 Recruitment section.

Foundation Priority Programme (FPP)

The main aim of the FPP is to maximise the opportunity for applicants who wish to be allocated to areas that are typically under recruited and therefore improve supply to specialty training and beyond. The national foundation priority programme booklet can be found under programmes.

Programme preferencing

For the academic foundation programme and foundation priority programme, applicants will be asked to rank programmes (rather than foundation schools) within their online application. These cannot be amended after submission.

For the standard foundation programme (including LIFT programmes), applicants will rank foundation schools within their online application. These can be amended after submission, up until the foundation school Ranking deadline.

Applicants allocated to Wales as part of the foundation programme primary list are asked to rank the F1 programmes in order of preference, and will be notified of their relative decile within the cohort to assist with this process - this information will be available in the preferencing process section during the programme preferencing period.

Wales completes a "one stage" preferencing process, which means that applicants rank all the programmes within Wales.

Allocation to a foundation programme is based on the overall applicant score (EPM + Educational Achievement + SJT score). An auto-match software moves through applicants (from highest scoring to lowest) and matches them to their highest ranked available programme. If there are no ranked programmes available, a programme will be allocated randomly from those remaining after matching is complete.

Details of F1 and F2 programmes can be found under programmes.

In Wales, foundation doctors are allocated to a 2 year foundation programme, however only their first year of placements are determined upon recruitment. Their F2 placements are allocated through the F2 Matching Scheme.

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Academic F1 recruitment

The Wales Academic Foundation Programme are made up of three x four month clinical placements with protected time for academic activities.

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Additional information

Additional information applicable to new applicants.

Doctors review
Preferencing process

Details on what happens once Doctors have been allocated to the Wales Foundation School

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F2 matching scheme

The Wales Foundation School uses an online portal to match foundation year 1 (F1) doctors to an foundation year 2 (F2) programme.