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Pharmacy team

GP with client

Pharmacy Team

Different members of the pharmacy team have different skills and qualifications which they use to provide ‘person-centred care’. This is about helping individuals to use their medicines safely and to stay healthy for longer.

Wherever you find medicines, you may find a member of the pharmacy team. This could be in a hospital, supermarket, high street pharmacy, nursing home, doctors surgery, NHS 111 call centre or even visiting you in your own home.

For some pharmacy jobs you need to be a registered health care professional:

However there are also a range of roles for unregistered support staff in pharmacy teams, for which training is often provided as part of the job:

  • Pharmacy assistants
  • Project and information technology leads
  • Smoking cessation teams
  • Clerical officers

Pharmacy is a science-based profession where you need to have an interest in chemistry, physiology and providing health care advice.

Nurse picking up medicines
Pharmacy technician

Pharmacy technicians are skilled and essential members of the pharmacy team who manage the supply of medicines and assist pharmacists with advisory services to patients and the public.