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Estates and facilities

Estates and facilities

Estates and Facilities offer a wide range of opportunities. As a support service within the NHS, Estates and Facilities staff work in all acute and community sites within each Health Board and Trusts making a valuable contribution towards healthcare and the patient experience.

Here in NHS Wales we are constantly looking at ways to improve the overall patient experience and you can play a part in that.

Do you enjoy working as part of a team? There are many different options in the field of Estates and Facilities that are very rewarding. You will meet new people, and whether you are cleaning, transporting patients or repairing technical equipment you will be providing an important service.

The Estates and Facilities roles fall into the following areas, to find out about all the different jobs in Estates and Facilities click on the links:

Domestic services staff

Domestic service staff work in both clinical and non-clinical areas throughout the NHS. They have a very important role making sure that all areas are kept hygienically clean and remain a safe environment to work in.

Hospital chef
Hospital chef

A hospital chef produces large quantities of food for patients, staff, visitors and occasional functions.

Linen services staff

Linen services staff make sure that clinical departments throughout the NHS have stocks of clean linen, such as sheets and towels.

Kid on wheelchair

A porter plays an important role in the daily running of the NHS. A porter is expected to complete a wide range of duties throughout their shift.

Security officer
Security officer

Security Officers provide safety and assurance to all staff, patients and visitors of Health Board premises. The main function of their role is to protect the people and property of the Health Board.

Person eating
Ward hostess

A ward hostess is responsible for working with the ward team to develop and maintain the patient environment.