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Corporate services

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You may not have realised the huge range of opportunities that exist in health. Staff in a variety of key areas deliver core services on which the whole organisation depends.

Corporate staff work behind the scenes in areas such as finance, human resources (HR) and legal services. Together they ensure the modern health service provides the kind of care the public expects to receive.

Have you ever considered a career as a finance professional who has the responsibility of providing budgetary analysis? Or perhaps human resources (HR) in the NHS is the ideal setting for you to develop you career. 

To find out more about the opportunities available and how to develop your career in NHS corporate services click on the following links:

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NHS administrative staff provide business support to clinical and non-clinical staff.

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Working in communications team will mean interacting and communicating with a range of stakeholders such as patients, staff, the media, suppliers and other organisation’s communications teams.

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Finance careers

There are many different roles in a Finance department; depending on the role and level of responsibility you could be helping clinical staff to manage their budgets and make effective key decisions; ensure payments for goods and services are made on time and correctly; and helping to ensure hospitals have the necessary equipment and resources they need.

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Legal and risk services

Legal and Risk are a team of in-house lawyers offering bespoke legal advice solely to Health Boards and Trusts in Wales.

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In management you could be responsible for a whole service division of staff and a multi-million pound budget in an acute hospital, a community service or a department providing services such as recruitment.