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Welsh Health Student Forum (WHSF) meetings

Collage of past WHFS event

Meetings are run through virtual platforms and students are required to register for each meeting at least one week before. Registration is done through a link which can be accessed on the Welsh Health Student Forum (WHSF) network. Students are required to send apologises if they are unable to make the meeting.

Minutes will be taken at the meeting and sent out to all students after the meeting.

So, what happens in the meeting?

At the start of the meeting, a register will be taken and an agenda will be sent out to students to inform them of what to expect.

Example agendas include:

  • welcome and introductions
  • Q&A session with Health Education and Improvement Wales (HEIW) leads
  • audiences with specialist and inspirational speakers
  • student presentations
  • patient presentations of their experiences
  • open discussions
  • university/Health Board and careers interactions.

The agendas are not fixed and are created around students suggestions and HEIW derived agenda. This gives students the opportunity to have an active input into the healthcare education commissioners current work projects/development and policies.

During a forum meeting, students are encouraged to work in multidisciplinary teams as well as working within their own specialisms in break out rooms when creating resources and participating in engaging sessions.

At the end of meeting we have a ‘your say’ session which are open sessions for all members to raise anything they would like.

We close the meeting by setting the next forum date and discussing agenda items for further meetings.