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Resources for Welsh learners

The Learn Welsh Level Checker

This is a tool which can help learners determine their existing skill levels for listening, speaking, reading and writing in Welsh. It is possible to use the Level Checker again after a three month period, in order to measure and evaluate progress.

Say Something in Welsh (SSIW)

SSIW is a course which helps people speak and understand Welsh through audio lessons. The Induction Course contains over twenty short lessons and exercises. These are available free of charge to all registrants.

The National Centre for Learning Welsh and SSIW have also recently formed a partnership. As a result, learners will be able to benefit from a discount on courses run by both providers.


Duolingo is an online programme that helps you learn Welsh by playing language games. These condensed lessons are perfect for learners who are short on time but want to make progress with their learning.


Digital software

Here is a list of useful resources to support individuals who use Welsh at work.

Cysgliad (spell checking software) 

Cysgliad is made up of two different programmes: Cysill is a Welsh language grammar and spelling checker. Cysgeir is a collection of dictionaries.

Microsoft in Welsh

You can download Microsoft's Welsh interface and use other software programmes such as Word in Welsh.

To bach

To bach makes it easy to type a letter with a circumflex (such as â, ô, ŵ or ŷ) when typing in Welsh.