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Medical terminology in Welsh

The best place to find Welsh translations of medical terms is the “Porth Termau Cenedlaethol Cymru” – Wales’ national terminology portal.

This can be found at

It’s really simple to use – type in the term you want to translate (from English to Welsh OR from Welsh to English) and the options will appear on the screen;

Termau website

Found 2 results.

Here are results in English that are relevant to:

physiotherapist (2)

entries that correspond to

physiotherapist ffisiotherapydd eg ffisiotherapyddion
Y Termiadur Addysg, Therapi Galwedigaethol, Gofal Iechyd Pobl Hŷn, Termau Cyllid, Termau Nyrsio a Bydwreigiaeth, Termau'r Cyngor Gofal
physiotherapist ffisiotherapydd eb ffisiotherapyddion
Termau Hybu Iechyd

And away you go!

This resource is being constantly updated by Bangor University, but in the meantime, if you have a translation query about a term that doesn’t appear in this resource, NHS Wales Translators keep their own database of specialist translations, and you can get a copy of this database by e mailing