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Quality management and revalidation support

Quality Management

We work with a wide range of stakeholders to provide guidance, support and drive forward continuous improvement.

  • We lead on, and contribute to, all Wales groups that oversee and support the delivery of medical revalidation by facilitating a consistent approach to policies, overarching guidance and quality improvement.

  • We provide a programme of events to support those working within medical appraisal and revalidation, these include regional appraisal conferences (RACs) for secondary care appraisers, support networks and the annual appraisal quality assurance (AQA) conference. The aim of the AQA event is to quality assure the appraisal summary outputs in both primary and secondary care across Wales, while also providing ongoing support and training for appraisers.

    All Appraisers are encouraged to attend the events with the opportunity to network with colleagues, discuss and share skills on summary building and outcomes. This event builds on CPD for appraisers in their role while also supporting the RSU to identify themes and improvements for appraisal summary quality.

  • We lead a programme of quality management activities, this includes revalidation quality assurance review visits to all designated bodies in Wales, to provide assurances to the chief medical officer that appraisal and revalidation systems continuously develop in order to meet, and wherever possible, exceed defined quality standards. We also undertake a range of quality improvement projects to explore new ways of working, providing recommendations and guidance to further improve our systems and processes in Wales. The outcomes of our quality work are then used to develop an all Wales action plan to support this continuous drive to quality improvement.