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GP appraisal

Patient talking to the doctor

The Revalidation Support Unit (RSU) provides and manages the GP appraisal process for approximately 2,600 GPs in Wales. This service is provided on behalf of health boards.

Our aim is to deliver quality-assured annual appraisal to every eligible GP with a prescribed connection to a Responsible Officer in Wales, via our dedicated online appraisal system - Medical Appraisal Revalidation System – MARS.

Appraisal is a professional, formative and developmental process. It is about identifying development needs, not performance management. It is a positive process to give doctors feedback on their past performance, to chart continuing progress and identify development needs.

We employ a network of GP appraisers, based in regions across Wales, that provide peer appraisals. They receive local support and guidance from their regional GP appraisal coordinators, as well as national support from the RSU team and the annual GP National Appraiser Conference (NAC), which includes additional training, key updates and interactive workshops.

We maintain a nationally recognised high standard by undertaking regular quality assurance activities and through the commitment and hard work of our GP appraisers.