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Health Education & Improvement Wales (HEIW) is committed to providing Quality Improvement Skills Training (QIST) for healthcare professionals across Wales.

The Quality Improvement Skills Training (QIST) Programme works in partnership with Improvement Cymru to develop and deliver a unique QI training programme for Wales.

The QIST programme provides high quality training in the principles of QI for healthcare professionals.  It supports a range of e-learning, virtual and face-to-face QI training opportunities and resources.

Quality Improvement methodology equips healthcare professionals with the knowledge and skills that can be used to implement real time changes, to enhance health services and the learning environment.

The QIST programme content is mapped against the individual requirements of the relevant training curricula, to support successful progression through the stages of training.


What QI training is available for trainers or educational supervisors in Wales?

The QIST Fundamentals of Improvement workshops for Educational Supervisors/Trainers includes specialty specific guidance for supporting and mentoring individuals with QI activities.

Trainers are also able to attend the two-day Improvement in Practice workshop.

Do I have to attend both days of the Improvement in Practice workshop?

Yes, to complete the Improvement in Practice workshop programme, delegates must attend both day 1 and day 2 of the same workshop.

Is it possible to get accreditation for completing Improvement in Practice?

Yes.  Individuals will receive an attendance certificate following completion of the workshop programme.

To gain accreditation at Improvement in Practice level, individuals will need to complete a QI project as part of the programme.  The completed project can be submitted to the QIST Team for assessment.

If your project meets the assessment criteria, you will be awarded with Improvement in Practice accreditation.

Is ongoing QI support available after attending workshops?

Yes.  In addition to the materials that can be found in our resource library, we also offer one-to-one QI project support with one of the QIST Tutors as part of the Fundamentals of Improvement and the Improvement in Practice workshop programme.

This can be arranged by contacting the QIST Team on the above email address.

Feedback and Testimonials

“Highly recommend it. Content was delivered in an engaging format and it was easy to see how it could relate to examples in my own work area”

“This is the best training I have been on in a long time”

“Well structured, interactive, with approachable and friendly course leaders. It has helped me to plan my project in a more time effective and structured way”

“Well broken down into manageable chunks and interesting content. Clearly invested tutors. Refreshing to see!”

“It was a good succinct overview of the processes required to perform a good QI project”

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QIST training

The current QI training programme is made up of IQT Bronze, fundamentals of improvement and improvement in practice.

QI resources

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