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The Professional Support Unit (PSU) offers a 2 hour workshop on Mentor and Mentee Training - Getting the Most out of Mentoring. The purpose of the teaching is to equip mentors and mentees with effective skills in a mentoring relationship, which will drive behaviours and performance in work and life, enabling success in training (for trainees) and improved leadership and communication skills (for mentors and mentees). Aims and Objectives:

  • Concepts of mentoring
  • Topics for mentoring in a healthcare setting
  • Mentor and mentee relationships, behaviours and responsibilities to each other
  • Mentoring skills and tools
  • Core skills that both mentors and mentees should be familiar with focus on tools for achieving goals such as setting the SMART objectives, using the GROW model and Johari Relationship Window to maximise successful outcome.

To book please email the Professional Support Unit.