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Exam support

Through the Professional Support Unit (PSU) you have access to:

  • 1:1 coaching to review your revision approach and create a study plan
  • Access to an external therapist to deal with exam anxiety
  • Three workshops, run four times a year, covering;
    • exam revision and preparation
    • dealing with anxiety and stress
    • self and time management
    • peer support and networking opportunities
  • QuickScan dyslexia screening test and if needed, referral to an educational psychologist for a dyslexia assessment


How to access this support

Contact the PSU via


When to access exam support

We recommend contacting us at the beginning of your revision so we can properly support you. This is six to nine months before your exam.

However, if you’ve started revising and would like support, you must contact us at least 15 weeks before your exam.


Support from your educational or clinical supervisor

If you notice gaps in clinical knowledge or skills, you should ask your educational or clinical supervisor about development opportunities you may need.