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Expectations of team members and HEIW

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Faculty teams

Attendance at LEP-organised faculty team meetings/events

LEP-organised meetings provide an opportunity for all faculty team members to discuss and work collaboratively on issues relating to medical education and training in their LEP, and share information. All teams are encouraged to meet on a regular basis (face-to-face or via video conference), and also to communicate informally with each other (via email, telephone etc). Please check with the Medical Education Manager in your local education centre for meeting information and dates.

Attendance at HEIW-organised meetings and events

HEIW-organised meetings and events such as team appraisals and the Faculty Team Conference facilitate the development of specific skills, provide opportunities to network and collaborate with other teams, and enhance communication between Faculty Teams and HEIW. Engagement with Faculty development activity is therefore invaluable and Team members are strongly encouraged to attend as many events and meetings as possible.

Interactions with stakeholders

Faculty Team members should work together to ensure a coordinated approach to all matters pertaining to the delivery and management of medical education and training. This includes appropriate involvement with and shared ownership of all training issues, not just those pertaining to a team member’s individual area of responsibility.

Faculty teams should ensure appropriate engagement with key stakeholder groups (including Royal College Tutors, Heads of Schools, Training Programme Directors etc) to ensure a collaborative approach to all training issues and enhance communication between the faculty team and its stakeholders.

To facilitate a seamless transition from undergraduate medical education to postgraduate medical education and training, faculty teams should ensure appropriate engagement with representatives from Undergraduate Medical Education.

HEIW (Quality unit)

HEIW works to ensure the delivery of high quality patient care through the monitoring and development of high quality education and training and the provision of a ‘local faculty’ infrastructure to support it.

HEIW is committed to:

  • enhancing links and interactions with all Faculty Teams to support them in the delivery of team roles and team function
  • providing ongoing training and development for Faculty Teams to enable individuals to carry out their roles effectively. HEIW will continue to develop its programme of ‘Faculty Team Development’ activity ensuring opportunities for Faculty Team members to network with team members from other LEPs and facilitate the sharing of good practice across organisations
  • working with Faculty Teams to improve interactions with key stakeholder groups (including Royal College Tutors, Heads of Schools, Training Programme Directors etc) to ensure a collaborative approach to training
  • working with Faculty Teams to increase the profile of education and training within their Health Boards.